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The Library of the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences provides public library and information services concerning philosophy and related disciplines in the humanities (namely logics, medieval studies, Comenius studies, science studies, global studies etc.).

The present library is a successor of the original Philosophical and Sociological Library of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology AS CR. This common workplace was divided into two separate libraries due to the destructive flood in 2002. Subsequently, the Institute of Philosophy Library was opened (hereinafter, “Library”) in 2004 after a complete reconstruction.

The main aim of the Library is to give an information support to the reserchers of the Institute but it is broadly open to other users too (teachers, students, general public, etc.).

The specialised collection of the Library, consistently built since 1954, corresponds to research focus of the Institute (current issues of contemporary philosophy, the history of European and Czech philosophical thought, selected topics from related scholarly disciplines).

It includes more than 61 000 library units focused on philosophy (Czech and foreign scholarly publications, a high-quality selection of collected works, books from personal libraries of leading philosophers, valuable sets of books donated by prestigious universities, continuous series of scientific journals).

Despite the serious damage to the library collection caused by the 2002 flood, it is one of the most important collections of this kind in the Czech Republic.

In addition to printed publications, the electronic information resources (licensed full-text and bibliographic databases, e-books, e-journals, and selected free accessible resources including digital libraries and archives) are also integrated into the collection and services of the Library.

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